ESD - See It! Believe It! Control It!

Course Code: ESD2

Delivery: LAN, On-line


A comprehensive interactive multimedia learning program with certification for those who work with static sensitive devices. This course is directed toward engineers and technicians. ESD: See It! Believe It! Control It! is available as a CD-ROM stand-alone course, as a CD for use over your internal LAN, and as an internet course. For group instruction, this course is also available on video.


Participants successfully completing the program will be able to:

  • Describe what static electricity is, how it is produced, and how its uncontrolled discharge can damage components and equipment
  • Explain the Human Body Model (HBM) of ESD damage
  • Identify correct procedures for controlling ESD caused by the HBM
  • Explain the Charged Device Model (CDM) of ESD damage
  • Identify correct procedures for controlling ESD caused by the Charged Device Model
  • Describe safe and unsafe practice in handling assemblies

Qualification and Certification Testing

LearnTech® training incorporates interactive learning checks throughout the instructional sequences. Certification tests are criterion-referenced and module-based with feedback on every response for enhanced learning. The tests also include a scorebar to provide the learner with continuous status information. Administrative access to dates and scores of tests, certifications, and re-certifications is compliant with ISO quality-standards requirements.

Standard Compliant

ESD: See It! Believe It! Control It! complies with the ANSI/ESD S20.20 ESD control program guidelines as well as to JEDEC JESD625, IEC 61340-5, and IPC-610 standards.

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